Understanding the Pros and Cons of playing laser

Laser tag, a wonderful game between man’s best friend and owner to strengthen an already inseparable bond. However, like most things, playing laser with our companions can have some Pros and Cons. This article will cover the pluses behind playing laser; such as, building drive, training, and overall exercise including the health benefits behind them. But also including the cons and downfalls that diligent pet owners should watch out for.

When you play laser with your dog, you have to ensure that every time they play they get a reward when your play time is over. Much like positive reinforcements or habits built on the actions we perform, it is a great idea to provide positive reinforcement and backing to your best friend as well to let them know it was a positive experience worthy of praise. In the end, it can be very frustrating to your dog because they were unable to “catch” the light and can become a point of contention or something they become obsessed with.

So, how do we avoid this obsessive behavior What is a way we can ensure that our best friend knows when playtime is over? Simple, whenever your game of laser tag has come to an end, use a marker word such as “Got It!” When you stop shining that impossible to catch light simply reward your dog with a treat or dog food, during this time you can give them a treat or some dog food and if you would like you can switch up your game time playing other games like fetch, or even playing around with a ball!

Understanding that playing should be a random game and never everyday at the same time. This can create a pattern and they will know when it’s time to play. When our best friend hears the sound of the click on the laser, they are ready to go and they know it’s time to play. However, instead of using the laser, switch up the game and play ball. This way they are not going to always anticipate the laser, but initiate play with the click sound. If you use the laser and they hear the click when you use it all the time, they will expect it. If you switch it up they will be expecting play and not always the laser. This will break any obsession a dog may have. However, if you notice your dog is getting obsessed with it, stop playing right away and switch things up for a bit.

Now, if continuous use of nothing but the laser during these times of play can have adverse effects. Some dogs become neurotic,  constantly wanting it and crave nothing else. This is one reason why you must use caution and observe your dog’s behavior. The other downside is some dogs can start to chase shadows while in public. This can be dangerous for your dog and others around you. If you see your dog starting to chase shadows after you start playing laser, stop the laser right away!