Breeding Males

Prior to breeding a male, it is important that he is correctly assessed. This is where pedigree, titles and temperament does matter. You don’t have to worry about whether or not he has a good uterus!However, a stud needs to be tested for genetic flaws, just like the bitch, and a sperm count to see if he is potent enough and if he is capable of studding.  As well, his hips need to be x-rayed and approved, and his temperament must be worthy. You do not want to breed a male that has no prey drive or special talent to pass on to the pups he sires.Breeding a very high prey drive male to a mild prey drive female, will usually produce pups that have a great prey drive and improve what they female lacks. For instance, our female Athena does not have a prey drive, however, when bred with Titan, a male with a high prey drive, the pups turned out wonderful and increased the drive through the pups. Don’t think it works out well all the time though! It takes a good eye and knowing the German Shepherd breed to pair up two GSD’s and make it work well and have great pups!

Current Breeding Males:

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