This article is going to give you tips on how to break up a dog fight.

One of the most heart breaking, adrenaline pumping, panic filled event is a dog fight. Not only are you afraid your dog is going to get hurt badly, (or worse killed), but you have no idea how to stop the fight without getting hurt and some people will just jump in and do whatever it takes to save your dog, now putting yourself in danger. Not only that, but if you are alone you feel there is no way to save your dog. This article will help you learn how to break up a dog fight, both with another person present, and when your alone. The biggest thing to remember is to keep yourself safe and stay calm. You’re no good to your dog screaming and panicking. Jump into action and keep your head about you.

How to Break Up a Dog Fight: If you are not alone, follow these directions:

  • Grab the aggressor of the fight first by the back legs and hold him up
  • Grab the other dog and hold him up by the back legs
  • Turn the dogs counter clock wise and walk away from each other while doing so, so as to pull them apart.
  • Be very careful when the dogs are apart. The dogs are in fight mode and will bite at anything, even you. They do not realize they are hurting you if you get bit.
  • When the dogs are apart, make sure you spin them away from you so you do not get bit.
  • Take control of the dogs and make sure you secure them with a leash at this point so the fight does not continue again. DO NOT let go of their legs until you have full control of them.
  • Check your dog for injuries and get to a vet immediately if there is blood.

How to Break Up a Dog Fight: If you are alone, follow these directions:

  • Grab the aggressors back legs as you would if you had another person with you.
  • Take your leash and get it around the back of the aggressors and lynch the dogs back leg up with the leash.
  • Quickly assess a place to hook your leash to the fence with the dog in tow. Make sure you hook it up high so the dog cannot get loose.
  • After hooking up the other dog, grab the other dogs back legs and pull the dog counter clockwise away from the other dog. Get that dog to safety and to a place that is secure.
  • Then you can pass out!

It is very stressful to do this alone, believe me I have done it myself. Just remember to stay focused and keep your wits about you. Always have a leash with you when you walk your dog and be a strong pack leader. Know when there may be a situation about to happen and try to stop it from happening in the first place by showing your leadership. Some dogs, not all, will back down if you show your dominance.

It does not always work but at least you can say you tried. Remember, your dog feels every emotion you do. They feel your fear and anger. Do not ever show that you are fearful when this situation happens. Stand your ground and the aggressor may just back off.