Arie and Max

Born July 4, 2020

Available Puppies

3 Females Available
Individual Puppies are $2800

Puppy Package is Available:
Includes –
– Puppy – Basic Puppy Training – Crate – Bed
– First Bag of Puppy Food- Bowls
– Leash & Collar
– Vet Check with First set of Shots
– Puppy Portrait from Wildlife by Taylor Ann

GoƟmaullen – Available
She is a well rounded Malinois. She had plenty of drive and an amazing nose for scent work. She is very social and loves to learn.
Alita – Available
She would prefer scent detection and chasing her toys then be bothered with being pet and loved on. She LOVES to train and swim.
Tinker- Available
is a thinker. She has a high drive and cant resist sniffing out new odors. She loves people and has a knack for swimming.