Training Courses

Basic Obedience – 8 weeks to 6 months of age – 8 Week Course – $1,250.00

Basic puppy training is the first step to a well behaved and obedient dog. From the age of 8 weeks old, puppies need to learn how to trust their leader, learn words that are imprinted into his/her mind, walk on a leash, and needs to learn how to socialize. Socialization is not what people think. It means to get your puppy used to their surroundings without being afraid when you take him/her out in public.After puppies have their full set of shots, socialization is key to your puppy and your relationship with him/her. Building your relationship and trust at this age will imprint the puppy to knowing he/she does not need to fear the world or you.Includes: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Out, Crate Training, Relationship Building, Leash Training, Bite Inhibition, Retrieve and Bring, Socialization, Imprint, and Marker Training(Private Lessons: In Home & Outbound Training)
Intermediate Obedience – 6 to 8 months of age – 12 Week Course – $1,500

Once your puppy has gone through Basic Puppy Training, it is time to start teaching puppy how to behave. Your puppy should trust you already and should be willing to please you and be rewarded for good behavior. He will learn how to walk properly on a leash, sit on command, stay on command, and down on command and come. Your puppy will also start to work on his drive. Getting a toy and bringing it back, trusting you that you will give it back and teach your puppy his limitations as to when and where he/she is allowed to play..At this age your puppy will start to challenge you more. This class also teaches you how to deal with disobedience and how to handle it. Puppy will also be more controlled on his/her leash and will understand that the leash is like an umbilical cord and gives the puppy signals. It is not used for discipline, just correction. You will be taught how to correct use the leash and become a good handler of your dog.Includes: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Out, Bite Inhibition, Crate Training, Relationship Building, on Leash Training, Imprint, Marker Training, Retrieve, Bring, Long Stay, Here, Heal, and Imprint Training for Off Leash Beginner(Private Lessons: In Home Training)
Advanced Obedience – 8 months and up – 8 Week Course – $3,500

The course is for dogs that are 8 months and older. In this class we teach how to listen, strengthen your relationship, learn basic obedience and address issues such as aggression, fear, separation anxiety and basic behavior.This is a great training package for rescues and older adopted dogs.Includes: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Out, Retrieve, Bring, Long Stay, Here, Heal, All Off Leash full training(Private Lessons: In Home Training)
Service & Emotional Support Training – $6,500

Intermediate and Advanced Obedience, Socialization, Desensitizing, Retrieving, Alerting, Airplane, Transportation, and Restaurant Behavior, Cradle Training, Environmental Socialization
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Package – $6,200

Includes: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Out, Bite Inhibition, Crate Training, Relationship Building, On Leash Training, Imprint and Marker Training, Retrieve, Bring, Long Stay, Here, Heal and Imprint Training for Off Leash Beginner, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Out, Retrieve, Bring, Long Stay, Here, Heal for All Off Leash Full Training(In Home and Field Training)
Dog Aggression – 4 Week Course (in Home) – $1,850
Dog Aggression – 4 Week Course (Board & Train) – $3,500
Board & Train 4 Week Obedience – $2,500
Board & Train Obedience – Per Week – $1,200
Schutzhund Prep Training – 6 months and up – 16 Week Course – $3,500

Now that you dog has been through imprinting, trust building, socialization, obedience, and built a prey drive, it is time to bring him/her to their full potential. This class is to prepare you dog for his first steps in Schutzhund training, personal protection and /or advanced obedience.Your dog will be evaluated for flaws, the flaws will be corrected, and he will build a high drive and learn to walk off leash while strengthening his /her obedience. If your dog has issues such as barking, digging, aggression issues, biting and needs to be trained due to bad behavior, this class will handle these issues as well.This class will review and fine tune your previous classes, advance your dog into further obedience and help you discover what purpose you have for your dog and what he is capable of.